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Strapping in for the startup rollercoaster? You're damn right it's a wild ride.

Lonely? Oh, we've felt that.

That's where we step up. We're not just talk – we're going the distance to ensure our community of fearless founders, creators and top-tier investors can link up, swap stories, and level up together, whether it's supporting each other in the trenches or throwing down some real-world convos.

Picture this: a squad of over a hundred hustling businesses, led by a crew of standout founders you could write books about. But what really lights our fire? It's that "real world" founder vibe – a series of events and content built on giving, supporting, and pushing each other to the next level.

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Whether it's a Ministry of Founder fireside chat with the likes of Shazam Founder or one of our intimate supper clubs, you'll soak up knowledge, share laughs, and hey, shed a tear or two if the moment calls for it

Bottom line: we're working our tails off to cook up the kind of collective we wished was around when we kicked off our first game-changing venture.

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